Visual artist known for her album cover work, cheeky figurative painting and bright watercolours and dark inks.

In the world of album art, Sarah also works as a visual artist, art director, and designer.

In 2015 Sarah became an official GRAMMY Nominee for her art direction (and original artwork) on Whispers by Passenger.

"Sarah Larnach is a Grammy Nominated visual artist from New Zealand and Australia. Sarah Larnach is best known for her collaborations with musicians, creating single artworks, Grammy and ARIA Nominated album covers and packaging, tour art and music video contributions.

Sarah Larnach started her career in 2007 by creating artwork for New Zealand musician, and best buddy, Ladyhawke. Other music industry clients include Liam Finn, The Sami Sisters and Passenger.

In 2008, Larnach worked on the video for My Delirium by Ladyhawke, directed by UK duo, Frater. When producing the music video, Frater collaborated with Sarah Larnach, who also painted the album cover for the Ladyhawke album and her singles. Larnach painted nearly all of the background scenes, and the images of Ladyhawke and the car were created using a rotoscope layering technique.

In 2009, Larnach and Ladyhawke collaborated on label design for the Beck's beer "Music Inspired Art" campaign.

Larnach's artwork for the 2013 "Love Your Condom" campaign by New Zealand Aids Foundation stirred up controversy, with a [not upheld] complaint to the New Zealand Advertising Standard Authority. 

Larnach attended the 2015 Grammy Awards, for her nomination in the Best Recording Package category with Passenger's album "Whispers". "Whispers II", also featuring Sarah's artwork, was released in 2015. Released in 2016, "Young As The Morning Old As The Sea", Rsaw Larnach return as art director and designer, and featured the photography of Jarrad Seng.

Sarah Larnach has co-art directed, designed and created artwork for Ladyhawke on all of her albums and singles. In 2016 the Ladyhawke album "Wild Things" featured a photographic cover showing Ladyhawke wearing a tee shirt painted by Larnach. The reverse cover shows a leather jacket with tracks also painted by the artist.

Sarah Larnach has exhibited as an artist in New Zealand, Australia, Spain, the United Kingdom, and the United States. Sarah is an Element Eden Advocate.

She lives in Auckland, New Zealand, returning in 2013 after more than a decade spent abroad."